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Vice Golf Balls Roundup – Finding the Perfect Golf Ball for Your Game

The Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls are a true game-changer in the world of golf. These balls offer exceptional distance, control, and durability, making them a top choice for golfers of all levels. With their affordable price point, they provide excellent value for money, especially when compared to higher-priced alternatives like the Titleist ProV While some users have noticed minor paint peeling after a few rounds, it does not impact the overall performance. If you’re searching for high-quality golf balls that deliver outstanding results, look no further than the Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls.
  • Optimized for even longer distance
  • Lower ball flight trajectory
  • Excellent green grabbing control
  • Paint peels away from the ball after a few rounds
  • Red color can be difficult to find in the morning dew
  • Cover can be compromised if the ball hits anything other than fairways

Get ready to add some style to your game with the Vice Golf Limited Edition Pro Plus Golf Balls. These balls not only look great with their luminous color particles but also offer exceptional performance. With a 4-piece construction and cast urethane cover, they provide great feel and spin control on your short game. While the colored balls may pose a slight challenge in certain situations, the overall quality and performance make up for it. Give these unique golf balls a try and inject some excitement into your golf game.
  • Vice DRIP design with luminous color particles in NAVY & BLAZING ORANGE create a unique and highly visible appearance.
  • 4-piece construction with a cast urethane cover for optimal performance.
  • Extra-thin cast urethane cover provides maximum feel and enhanced spin for short-game shots.
  • The gold color of the balls can be difficult to find, especially in shaded areas or dry grass.
  • Some users found the color to be too vibrant and distracting.
  • The price of the balls is slightly higher compared to other golf ball options.

The Vice Pro Soft golf balls are a game-changer in terms of feel and performance. These balls offer exceptional spin control, a soft feel, and high visibility, enhancing your overall golfing experience. Priced at an affordable $34.51 for a pack of 12, they provide great value for money. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner, I highly recommend giving the Vice Pro Soft golf balls a try. They might just give expensive golf balls a run for their money.
  • The Vice Golf PRO Soft 2020 has a 3-piece cast urethane cover construction, which provides high short game spin. This allows for better control and precision around the greens.
  • Designed for golfers with medium and low swing speeds, the Vice Golf PRO Soft 2020 aims to maximize score performance. The soft feel of the ball helps optimize distance and accuracy for players with slower swing speeds.
  • The Vice Golf PRO Soft 2020 features a newly designed, closed alignment line for better aiming. This helps golfers align their shots more accurately and improve their overall performance on the course.
  • Some users mentioned that the speckles on the ball are hard to see, especially in the rough. This can make it difficult to locate the ball and may cause inconvenience during gameplay.
  • The neon red color may not be as visible as expected. While the ball is designed for high visibility, some users found that it was still challenging to spot the ball in certain conditions.
  • The photography of the neon color options may not accurately represent the actual shade of the ball. Some users pointed out that the neon balls appeared greener than expected based on the photos.

Experience reliability and high performance with the Vice Tour Golf Balls. These balls are designed to cater to the needs of golfers of all skill levels with their exceptional durability, distance off the tee, and soft feel on short game shots. The direct control and feedback off the club, along with the improved aiming alignment line, elevate the overall playing experience. While the firm feel when chipping may not suit everyone’s preferences, it is a minor trade-off considering the overall performance and value these Vice Golf Balls offer. Give the Vice Tour Golf Balls a try if you’re looking for a well-rounded option that excels in distance, control, and durability.
  • The Vice Tour golf balls have a 3-piece Surlyn construction, making them extremely durable and resistant to cuts.
  • These golf balls are designed for golfers of all levels, providing distance off the tee and a soft feel for short game shots.
  • The Vice Tour golf balls offer direct control and feedback off the club, allowing golfers to have better control over their shots.
  • Some golfers have mentioned that the Vice Tour golf balls have a firm feel when chipping, which may not be preferred by those who prefer a softer feel.
  • A few users have reported that the Vice Tour golf balls may not be as durable as they would like, with some experiencing scuffing or damage after just a few holes.
  • The Vice Tour golf balls have a higher price point compared to some other golf ball options, which may be a drawback for budget-conscious golfers.

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