A Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro: Want The Ultimate Golf Upgrade?, Roselle Reviews

A Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro: Want The Ultimate Golf Upgrade?

The Rapsodo MLM 2 PRO, a mobile launch monitor + golf simulator, offers precision accuracy and a wide range of features, including the use of Rapsodo Golf technology. With dual optical camera vision and radar processing, it aims to provide golfers with valuable data to improve their swing. Compatible with both Apple and Android devices, this product offers the convenience of full functionality indoors and outdoors. Unveiled at the 2023 PGA Show in Orlando, the Rapsodo MLM 2 PRO will be available on April 1st, 2023 for 799.99€. In this review, we will delve into the product details and share personal experiences to help you make an informed decision.

What is the Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro, and how does it work?

The Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro is a cutting-edge golf launch monitor with advanced technology to measure and analyze various aspects of your golf swing, including ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate. It uses radar and camera systems to capture data and provide accurate feedback to help improve your game.

Having used the previous version of the Rapsodo MLM1, I was excited to try out the MLM 2 PRO and see its advancements. This device’s data proved immensely useful in practicing and refining my swing and form. One notable improvement was eliminating the need to pair with an iOS device for the camera feature. However, I encountered connectivity issues when using the device for course simulation in Australia. The stability of the connection was poor, often resulting in disconnections and interruptions during gameplay. This was a recurring issue with the previous version, although it did improve with subsequent updates. I hope Rapsodo continues to address this problem by adding a bluetooth option to enhance the user experience.

Advanced Technology for Precision Accuracy

A Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro: Want The Ultimate Golf Upgrade?, Roselle Reviews

Boasting advanced technology that combines dual optical camera vision and radar processing, the Rapsodo MLM 2 PRO Mobile Launch Monitor + Golf Simulator offers high speed cameras for precision and accuracy in tracking and analyzing your golf shots, including measured spin metrics. With its dual camera system, the MLM 2 PRO provides shot and impact vision, allowing you to replay your swings from multiple angles and analyze your technique.

The MLM 2 PRO offers accurate shot tracking and provides comprehensive data with 13 metrics, including spin rate and spin axis. This wealth of data allows you to gain insights into your swing and make adjustments to improve your game. Whether you’re practicing indoors or outdoors, the MLM 2 PRO delivers full functionality and accurate measurements to help you enhance your golf skills.

Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro: Endless Golf Simulation Options

A Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro: Want The Ultimate Golf Upgrade?, Roselle Reviews

Offering endless options for virtual golfing, the Rapsodo MLM 2 PRO provides over 30,000 golf courses available for simulation through Rapsodo Courses. Whether you want to play a round at world-renowned courses or challenge yourself to lesser-known gems, the MLM 2 PRO has you covered. The simulation feature brings the golf course experience to your home or practice facility, allowing you to work on your game without leaving the comfort of your own space.

The MLM 2 PRO combines a wide range of simulation options with the ability to set up approach targets and a driver target, providing a comprehensive practice experience. Whether working on your short game or improving your distance off the tee with a perfect putt, the MLM 2 PRO offers the tools and virtual environment to help you achieve your goals. Its compatibility with both Apple and Android devices ensures you can enjoy the simulation feature regardless of your preferred operating system.

Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro: User-Friendly Design and Connectivity

A Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro: Want The Ultimate Golf Upgrade?, Roselle Reviews

Designed with user convenience, the Rapsodo MLM 2 PRO ensures easy use. Its compact and portable design lets you set it up quickly and take it anywhere. Whether practicing at home, at the driving range, or on the go, the MLM 2 PRO is a versatile companion for golfers of all skill levels. In addition to its user-friendly design, the MLM 2 PRO offers seamless connectivity with Apple and Android devices. You can easily pair your smartphone or tablet with the MLM 2 PRO and access all its features and data through the dedicated Rapsodo app.

The app provides a user-friendly interface for reviewing your swing data, tracking progress, and accessing the simulation feature. With its intuitive design and seamless connectivity, the MLM2PRO ensures a hassle-free user experience with the latest firmware updates. The hitting area on the MLM 2 PRO may be smaller than the Mevo Plus, but we’ll discuss how that impacts your game later on.

Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro: Mixed Experiences

A Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro: Want The Ultimate Golf Upgrade?, Roselle Reviews

Providing a mixed bag of customer reviews, the Rapsodo MLM 2 PRO Mobile Launch Monitor + Golf Simulator. While some users praise its accuracy and value for the price, others have reported connectivity issues that can be frustrating. Some users have experienced frequent disconnections and difficulty maintaining a stable connection with their devices.

However, many users have found the MLM 2 PRO a valuable tool for analyzing their swings, tracking their progress, and enjoying virtual golfing experiences. The wealth of data provided by the MLM 2 PRO has helped golfers identify areas for improvement and make meaningful changes to their technique. Despite the connectivity issues reported by some users, the overall consensus is that the MLM2PRO offers advanced technology and valuable features for golfers looking to enhance their game.

Comparison to Other Launch Monitors

A Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro: Want The Ultimate Golf Upgrade?, Roselle Reviews

With top-notch performance at a more affordable price than other launch monitors, the Rapsodo MLM 2 PRO Mobile Launch Monitor + Golf Simulator. Customers have compared the MLM 2 PRO to the Garmin R10, highlighting its superior accuracy and reliable shot tracking. The MLM2PRO’s ability to capture and analyze various metrics, including smash factor, has impressed users who have used it alongside other launch monitors.

The MLM2PRO’s value for money is evident in its comprehensive features, including the ability to simulate thousands of golf courses and provide detailed swing data. While some users have experienced connectivity issues, the consensus is that the MLM2PRO delivers accurate results and a satisfying golfing experience. However, the downside is that unless you use Callaway RPT balls, the spin numbers (and spin axis) won’t be accurate. If you’re looking for a launch monitor that offers advanced technology and affordability, the Rapsodo MLM 2 PRO is a top contender.


  • Advanced Technology: The Rapsodo MLM 2 PRO mobile launch monitor + golf simulator utilizes dual optical camera vision and radar processing for precise accuracy. It provides 13 metrics, including spin rate and spin axis, to help improve your swing and form.
  • Versatility: This product offers full indoor and outdoor functionality, allowing you to practice and play golf in any setting. It is compatible with Apple and Android devices, making it accessible to many users.
  • Extensive Simulation: With simulation at 30,000+ golf courses, the Rapsodo MLM 2 PRO provides a realistic experience that allows you to play and improve your game without leaving home. It also includes approach targets and a driver target for added challenges.


  • Connectivity Issues: Some users have reported connectivity issues, including freezing and disconnections, which can interrupt gameplay and practice sessions. This can be frustrating and may hinder the overall experience.
  • Limited Metrics on iPhone: On an iPhone, the MLM 2 PRO only displays three metrics, while on an iPad, it shows six metrics. This limitation on the iPhone may be disappointing for users who desire more detailed data analysis.
  • Overheating: There have been reports of the MLM 2 PRO causing phones to overheat, particularly when shots are hit quickly. This can be inconvenient and require users to take breaks to prevent overheating.

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Despite some connectivity issues during setup, the Rapsodo MLM2PRO is a valuable tool for golfers looking to analyze RPT and improve their game. Its accuracy in measuring various metrics, such as spin rate and spin axis, is commendable. The software features, including the combined mode and simulation of thousands of golf courses, add an extra layer of enjoyment and engagement. The MLM2PRO offers excellent value for its price range, especially compared to similar products. While there is room for improvement in connectivity, Rapsodo’s commitment to customer support and continuous updates instills confidence in the product’s future enhancements. Overall, the Rapsodo MLM2PRO is a worthwhile investment for golf enthusiasts seeking to enhance their skills and performance on the course.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Can the Rapsodo MLM2PRO be used indoors?

Answer: The Rapsodo MLM2PRO can be used indoors and outdoors, providing full functionality in any setting.

Question: Is the Rapsodo MLM2PRO compatible with Android devices?

Answer: The Rapsodo MLM2PRO is compatible with both Apple and Android devices, allowing a wide range of users to access its features.

Question: How many golf courses are available for simulation with the Rapsodo MLM2PRO?

Answer: The Rapsodo MLM2PRO offers simulation at 30,000+ golf courses, providing diverse options for users to play and practice.

Bonus Content For Our Elite Members

Awesome Golf Toy

The Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro is an excellent golf simulator that can be paired with various simulation software providers such as E6 Connect and Awesome Golf to provide golfers with more variety and entertainment. The Awesome Golf software, in particular, is a fantastic, family-friendly platform that has fun games with engaging visuals for kids. Although the 9-hole courses may leave room for improvement, they pair nicely with radar simulators to enhance golfing skills. With the premium membership of MLM2PRO™, golfers can choose from an extensive list of golf courses and play virtually anywhere in the world.

Some Words About wifi

The Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro offers wifi connectivity that allows quick and easy data transfer from the device to a computer or other device. With the option to toggle Quick Connect to your direct wifi connection or your local network, you can choose the best connection mode. However, some users have reported wifi connection issues and other bugs that have affected their user experience. Despite these issues, the Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro remains popular among golfers looking to improve their game.

And The Good News

The Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro is a fantastic launch monitor that has been well-received by the golfing community. The good news is that this device is highly accurate, providing golfers with valuable data on their shots. It is also affordable, making it an excellent choice for those who want to improve their game without breaking the bank. Additionally, the MLM2PRO app is now available on iOS and Android, so users can easily download it from the App Store or Google Play Store. Overall, the Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro is an excellent investment for any golfer looking to take their game to the next level.

Rapsodo Precision Technology

Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro is a device that uses Rapsodo precision technology to track the in-flight spin rate and axis of golf balls. The device requires custom-made Callaway RPT Chrome Soft X Golf Balls to achieve accurate measurements. These balls are designed with unique dot patterns around them using True Vis technology, which allows the impact camera on the MLM 2 Pro to measure the spin and axis numbers for each shot accurately. This technology provides the ultimate indoor golf experience by providing spin measurements within 1% of high-priced launch monitors.

Powered By Doppler Radar

The Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro is a launch monitor and golf simulator that provides complete visibility into your game. It has two advanced cameras and Doppler radar technology, which precisely measures all golf shots. The dual camera vision and Doppler radar technology give detailed information about your tee shot, such as spin rate, spin axis, ball speed, and racket speed. Implementing dual cameras and Doppler radar technology makes the Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro stand out from its predecessors, the MLM and R10.

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